Domestic Electrical Services


Fault Finding

There are many reasons an electrical fault can be a nightmare in commercial environments; safety being priority, but in the business world, time is money! Getting the fault fixed is an absolute priority.

That is why I focus on efficient and speedy response with solutions. Over the years of training I've accumulated enough experience to develop a system that allows me to efficiently resolve faults using my 'diagnose, rectify, test' methods.

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Consumer Unit Changes

It may be appropriate from time to time to carry out a board change, this may be because a part needs replacing and the board is now obsolete or in order to comply with the requirements of building control with the installation of a new circuit and RCD protection.

Because I am Part P registered after the consumer unit has been changed I will carry out notification to local building control, fully test and certificate my work.


Fixed Wiring Testing (EICR)

In order to manage risks and decrease the risk to your family home, your fixed wiring needs to be inspected regularly. Failing to do these checks regularly can lead to larger problems that will 'snowball' and end up costing you more.

I will inspect the properties electrical cabling to ensure these are safe, and working exactly as intended within the limitations place on them by industry standards. I am fully qualified and registered, so you can feel at ease leaving your safety concerns in my hands.

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Additional Sockets

A large percentage of homes were built before our modern 'electrical' lifestyle. Plug sockets becomes a very apparent issue in these homes, as our usage of electrical appliances increases, and technology improves.

I can fit additional sockets to any home setup, allowing for increased freedom when using your appliances. New sockets will require additional wiring, but this will done with minimal disruption, and with the most efficient means possible.

I am also able to install ADSL sockets, USB sockets (as pictured) and other unique or specific sockets upon request.



Along with the sockets issue mentioned above, lighting can also need updating in older homes. Doing this properly is incredibly important, as no other other electrical device is used as often as your lighting, especially in the winter.

With new sensor based lighting, remote controlled lighting and other modern technological advances, it may be worth looking in to your home lighting to see if I can improve your setup.

A very popular style at the moment is mood lighting, as pictured, which can turn an average room in to something simply amazing. Let me know what you want, and I'll get it done.


Cooker Installs

Safety is of paramount importance in the home, and no area is more heavily reliant on electricity than the average kitchen. With electric ovens becoming more and more popular, it's important that the appliance is installed correctly.

I have experience with many different oven manufacturers, and have installed a large variety of ovens in many different kitchens. All kitchens are unique however, so I always treat each installation with the utmost care and attention. I know from personal experience that an oven can make a kitcken complete, so getting it safely and reliably installed is a priority for me.

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